Tapis Rouge Facial
We immerse your hands in special gloves filled with paraffin wax, which soothes with heat and hydration.  This facial treats your skin and muscles by removing toxins, increasing circulation, and oxygenating the skin. These techniques stimulate your skin and help to restore muscle tone. A special massage and the use of micro-currents, followed by a specialty facial mask will leave your skin feeling incredibly refreshed and with a youthful glow.

Age Defying Facial
A skin analysis is performed to identify the true age of your skin. This specialized treatment utilizes three natural fillers:  collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, which are used to replenish the skin’s requirements of its losses. It is customized to each individual’s needs along with a customized mask that will help nourish and help deeply penetrate the skin.

Energy Facial
An intense facial treatment that restores the skin’s energy and radiance.  With the use of the unique Siberian Ginseng active ingredient, it brings out the skin’s radiance with a wave of light and allows it to illuminate exposing its youthfulness.  It aids in combating environmental aggressors as the skin requires and prepares it by providing a boost for preventative anti-aging and dehydration.  This treatment leaves your skin refreshed and vibrant!

Hydrating Facial
All skin types benefit from this deep penetrating facial. The use of a specialty serum and mask leaves your skin looking and feeling relaxed, soft, clean and fresh.

Men’s Facial
This rejuvenating treatment fights daily environmental aggressors and premature ageing. Specialty products and hot towels provide the ultimate comfort, relaxation, and care for a man’s skin. The skin is left hydrated, soothed, nourished, remineralized, and protected.

Haute De Facial

This facial is customized to your individual skin type.  We exfoliate dead surface skin cells, then steaming, and deep pore cleaning regenerate your skin. Finally, a massage and mask put you in a tranquil mood and leave your skin soft and glowing.

Facial Cleaning
Cleaning of the pores refreshes the skin and leaves it looking healthier.  The deep exfoliation, steam, and specialty products all help to remove unnecessary debris.

Back Treatments
An excellent treatment for those with skin impurities or acne on their back. We remove toxins by deep cleaning the skin and performing a lymph drainage massage. Finally, a treatment mask is applied to soothe and normalize the skin.

Nourishing Eye Care
The active ingredients in this soothing treatment provide intense hydration to help distress, relax, and firm the eye contour. A lymphatic massage relieves any congestion and aids in the deep penetration of collagen.

Eyelash tinting darkens lashes and emphasizes those beautiful eyes without the use of mascara.
Brow tinting emphasizes the brows, gently framing the face.

Resurface your skin for a youthful appearance. This treatment abrades the epidermal cells with the use of corundum crystals to aid in the healing of a variety of skin imperfections.

This treatment stimulates to the cellular and circulatory systems and enhances the muscle firmness and tonicity. Finally, positive and negative poles send micro-currents to the olgi organ and “re-educate” the muscle to its original position. For maximum anti-aging results, combine with microdermabrasion for amazing results!


Make-up Application
We apply full make-up using modern techniques to satisfy your needs for any occasion.

Bridal Make-up
Special make-up applications are used to enhance each bride’s individual beauty. Includes trial make-up and a free lipstick.

Make-up Lesson
Our make-up artist will guide you through the application of make-up suitable to your colouring and face shape enabling you to obtain the same look at home.