Nails are filed to a desired shape, and then soaked in a softening solution. Cuticles are conditioned and trimmed to perfection. The manicure ends with a soothing hand massage.

French Manicure
A very defined white tip is polished onto the nails leaving your hands looking exquisite.

Manicure Sensation
In addition to a manicure, you will receive an exfoliation of the dead skin and the application of paraffin wax. This will leave your hands silky soft and relieve any aches and pains.

When your feet feel good – your whole body feels good. Feet are soaked in warm water and a softening solution, followed by trimming and filing of the toenails. Excess cuticles, calluses, and corns are then conditioned and/or removed. Ingrown toenails are also treated, leaving your feet feeling relieved and healthy. A relaxing and soothing foot massage tops the treatment.

Pedicure Sensation
All luxuries of a pedicure including an exfoliation of the dead surface skin cells. Paraffin wax is then applied to moisturize the skin and ease arthritic pain.

Paraffin Treatment
The perfect paraffin indulgence is an exclusive treatment that envelopes your hands and feet with your own set of gloves and booties.  A very sanitary procedure that allows you to enjoy the heat, relaxation, hydration, and aromatherapy all in one.